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Kamsaagre : " Children's Hope"

Kamsaagre Association
S/C Enola

6 avenue F. Roosevelt
75008 PARIS
Tel : 01 70 08 78 40

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Behind the staff of KAMSAAGRE hides men and a woman (a little work to do on parity ...). who decided to commit to the cause of the children of the orphanage.

Jean-Marc Le Prado - President of the firm Enola

Sylvain Lebrun - Associate Director Enola

Christophe Martin - Director of agency HSBC

Bertrand Basset - Director of the clientele of the Professionals of the Real Estate for the Ile de France and North-East of France at Banque Palatine

Céline Decourcelle : Secretary General of the Enola

Christian AFFRAIX : Public Finances Inspector, designer of the website of the association.

The staff for the sake of efficiency and of transparency takes charge of its own money, running costs of the association. The goal is indeed to transfer to zero euros all the funds collected. In order to realise this objective we have change our bankink establisment to obtain best condition for the association. In addition, this rigorous governance of your donations is part of the final objective sought by the orphanage and our association: self-sufficiency by 2020.

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