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Moaga proverb : " If someone wash you your back,  wash yourself your face."

At first sight, this African proverb of a region of the Burkina Faso can resound strangely in our ears. However, It illustrates perfectly, the objectives that the staff of the orphanage and his various partners are looking for  : self-sufficiency objective 2020.

If someone wash you your back.."

Ste Therese de Lumbilla's annual budget represents 97.000.000 CFA francs (about 150.000 €). Food and health expenses weighs only about 3.000.000 Francs CFA monthly : 1/3 of the operational expenses are thus vital incompressible spending.

An important part of operational expenses is directly financed by the donations : that they result from families in the case of a partial abandonment,  locals and institutionnals donators but also from associations as Kamsaagre. We are not alone to participate actively in the daily life of this small place of Africa: others also sided with the children : Graines de joie développement, Mouvement Shalom, Deus Ex Machina and doubtless many others else.

" You have yourself your face."

The mission of the running water sisters is similar to 12 labours of Hercules.

The  enlightened management of this structure, self-abnegation, doggedness,  altruism allowed during the years to insure party of the daily life : Spirulina allows to face nutritional deficiencies, development of a kitchen garden and a farm to vary the food, a poultry farm was recently set up, the pizzeria-bakery also insures by  saling of  bread sesame and restoration activity  fixed incomes. Beyond the pecuniary aspect, this food-producing structure also allows to insure professional formation of the children.

The last project in date - opening of a health center,  acquisition of an ambulance and medical equipment - was financed  by a local show organized at the orphanage which allowed to collect 15.000.000 CFA francs (22.867 €).1.700 persons of the neighborhood of Ziniaré will benefit of the health center.

The principal objective is to integrate within the same structure any medical, sanitary, social, educational, economic activities to limit the recourse to external financing.

However, as pointed out it Pascaline OUEDRAOGO, The Orphanage manager  and local coordinator of Kamsagree's actions : " with the financial crisis which shook the world, the helps decreased well not to say that they make rare. "

Christian AFFRAIX, vice-président.

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