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Kamsaagre : " Children's Hope"

Kamsaagre Association
S/C Enola

6 avenue F. Roosevelt
75008 PARIS
Tel : 01 70 08 78 40

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 I - A constant progress.

Since its creation - 2008 -collected donations progressed with a peak previous year.

    Evolution   Evolution   Evolution
Years 2009   Null 2010  13,92% 2011  2,54%
Funds 6.881,40 € 7.841 € 8.040 €

Our status of association henceforth recognized of general interest by decisions of the Departmental Direction of the Public finances of Paris Nord, allows the tax exemption of the donations and favor this progress.

The synergy created by the integration of Pascaline OUEDRAOUGO in the staff of the association allowed to reorientate our action towards concrete projects and of immediate utility - 3 classes in 2010 and financing of the library and a computer room - which also consolidates our results. The research of the self-sufficiency is henceforth the objective shown by the orphanage which is our objectif too.

II - A Strengthened partnership

Beyond the projects previously quoted, the creation of the Web site of Lumbilla brings a local lighting on our action. The " news in brief of the site " relieves our action) and we are on the front page news of Maybiggrin
Even if they are spaced out, the travel  of the sisters and Jean-Marc, allow to maintain the links and to favor the convergence of the actions.


Our will of transparency allows you to follow us step by step in the choices which guide us through the site. You can react to articles, through the blog, by messages. Do not hesitate to announce us your feelings, your encouragements, your critics when you will consider them necessary.

Sister's actions exceeds widely the frame of the orphanage : they bring people of the neighborhood of Ziniaré, in their daily management, a whole set of services, by the school, the medical care, the cultural space and formation, the pizzeria-bakery etc.

Our action to the children remains however priority. If this one better brings to be one by rebounds, we shall have performed our role beyond our initial objective. But let us keep in our mind  the founding and federative sense of Kamsaagré and its morée etymology: the hope of the children.

Christian AFFRAIX, vice-président




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