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Kamsaagre : " Children's Hope"

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About us 

Grouped around volunteers and lovers of Africa, KAMSAAGRE's objective, through the collection of donations, assist, facilitate daily life and the development of orphanages in Africa. Our action today is focused on Burkina Faso and particularly on St. Teresa of Lumbilla.


Our means and objectives.

From the outset, the choice of collecting funds and transfer them to the responsible of the orphanage, we felt respond in the best interests of children, this leaves the sisters effect the selection and arbitration expenses and emergency field.

Beyond these funds, our statutes also allow us to implement the following actions:
  • Collection and distribution of various materials : school supplies, toys and games, computers etc... ;
  • Organization to sponsor children ;
  • Ensure missions training missions to the supervision of the orphanage and children ;
  • Organization of events to promote the work of Kamsaagre and collecting funds.



At the root of KAMSAAGRE - initiated since 2004 - there is Jean-Marc THE PRADO. This approach "artisanal" fundraising relied mainly on the shoulders of Jean-Marc and some goodwill relay. If this method has raised last year nearly 4,000 € - 10% of the budget of the orphanage - it has now reached its limits and slows our ability to collect and development of actions to the orphanage in Africa.

The creation of KAMSAGREE therefore a threefold objective:

  • Formalize our approach to the legal framework;
  • Increase our capacity to collect;
  • Ensure from donors transparent legal, administrative and financial.



Past actions.

The collection of funds from previous years have led to the establishment of the following projects :

  • Participation in the financing of a pig (allowing children to eat meat regularly today) breeding ;
  • Construction of a wall ;
  •  Purchase of school supplies and, of course, urgent care for children.



In Mossi dialect - one of Burkinabe 3 main dialects - KAMSAAGRE signifies the hope of children. So strong that hope that we will KAMSAAGRE action. The fund-raising remains our first priority.;

The visit by Christophe and Jean-Marc current February 2008, shows that the needs milk for small becomes essential. The increase in raw materials affects the full brunt of the orphanage. The funds raised could be used in part to these acquisitions.

You find in the Roadmap the record of Christophe by following this link.
Bertrand's visit in april 2016 has shown that the needs of the orphanage have changed in many ways.The decrease of  children residents - 110 at the beginning to 48 today - needs a deep reflection in a nearly future.




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